Perfect Borders

This may seem like a lot of work, especially since you’ve just spent so much time making sure your piecing was perfect, but the satisfaction of perfect borders is worth it.

Measure the length of your quilt top side to side in three places (top, middle and bottom). Add them together and divide by 3. Now you have the actual length of the quilt. Cut that length of fabric. Fold the border in half to find the center, mark, fold in half again to find quarters and mark again. Do the same with the quilt top. Pin border to the sides of the quilt top matching these marks. Follow the same steps measuring the width of your quilt (including the borders you just added) to complete your borders. If your border includes cornerstones, cut the length and width of quilt top using these measurements, adding the cornerstones with the third and fourth border strips.

Choosing not to do this could mean that your quilt isn’t square and the corners are wider than center.

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