(Minimum charges apply, prices subject to change)

Basic Quilting (all over pantograph) Starts at $0.02 Per Square Inch ~ min $40.00
Custom Quilting (pantograph & borders or specialty stitching and/or custom design) Starts at $0.035 Per Square Inch
Stitch in the Ditch Starts at $0.035 per square inch
Basting in a 6″ grid $.0075 Per Square Inch
Batting ~ Hobbs 80/20 (96” wide) $14.00 per meter
Other Hobbs battings available upon request include black batting, wool, silk, 100% cotton and bamboo
Turning or Remount $20.00

What affects pricing?

  • Pattern choice and stitch density
  • Thread choice – variegated, special order or specialty threads
  • Quilt condition – does the quilt require ‘hands on’ guidance? For example pinwheels are difficult to quilt through or a rippled border that needs to be smoothed out.


Payment must be made by cash, check or money order. I will contact you when your project is complete with the amount due upon pick up.

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