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Welcome to Final Stitches!

Welcome to Final Stitches

Are you passionate about piecing quilt tops or designing quilts? Not so passionate about hand quilting or the prospect of using your own sewing machine to finish that queen size quilt? Final Stitches offers precise computer guided longarm quilting service using a Gammill Optimum machine equipped with the Statler Stitcher. I currently have thousands of patterns to chose from to suit your quilts personality. Read on»

FAQ: Pricing

I’ve been asked if a meander or stipple is cheaper than doing daisies or a geometric design and the answer is no. Why? First, when it comes to edge-to-edge, the work involved for me to measure and load your quilt doesn’t change based on pattern design. Second, I don’t want you to feel pressured to pick the “cheapest” design or that your choices are limited. I want you to pick a design you love, one that suits your quilt and personality. Read on»


We offer beautiful quilts made from quality fabrics. These quilts need a home to love and display them! Shop now»
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